Internship Experience Log Week 5

Let the world around you be an expression of your happiness, instead of depending on it to provide you with happiness.You cannot avoid effort, for avoiding effort is itself an effort. What you can do is to make your efforts count for something meaningful.By wisely investing this moment, this hour, this day, this time you’re in, you can continue to reap its benefits long after it has passed. The more value you provide, the more value you’ll receive.Feel the pure intensity of authentic purpose, and no challenge is too great to overcome.This is your precious and unique life, and it is worth all the trouble and effort you must go through to make it great! Yo whats up everyone!! I hope everyone is doing good today!! Well i am up to my 5th week in my internship and i am almost over with my hours!! Only 67 hours left, then i am officially finished with my audio engineering program at the Conservatory!! It has been a long road so far, and i am just getting started. This week I had to assist the assistant manager with some duties around the studio, and help out alot of clients while at the studio. This week actually went by faster than usual. I did receive some good news though, after my internship i might have job opportunity at the studio that im doing my internship at, which is great!!!! Ill keep yall posted on what happens. In the small moments there are big opportunities. For the small moments are where successful, fulfilled lives are built.You have the power to achieve the best. Allow it. This day is as it is, and with it you can do great things. Imagine the best possibilities, and enthusiastically give them life.The more you appreciate the good things, the more numerous they will be 🙂 You don’t have to wish or beg for things to happen. Because you can make things happen.The road ahead is difficult and it is wonderful. What a grand opportunity you have to travel it! Put your efforts where they will make a positive difference, and reap the happy benefits of your wisdom. Make your dream so big you absolutely must bring it to life, Well its Monday afternoon and ive been in the studio since 1pm and it looks like i have a long night ahead of me, so i will talk to yall on next week!! Thank you everyone for all your support throughout my long journey, I couldn’t have done it without yall!!! 🙂




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